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Meet adena

Adena Bernstein Astrowsky is the grandchild of two Holocaust survivors. Her grandmother often spoke to her about her experiences during the Holocaust, which had a profound impact on her life. She continues to honor her grandmother's life by writing her story: Living among the Dead and by speaking about her grandmother’s survival and lessons learned from the Holocaust.

Adena has dedicated her career to helping the most vulnerable of our society. She did this by prosecuting child sexual abuse cases and domestic violence cases. She became the local expert concerning the prosecution of domestic violence related strangulation cases and taught extensively on that subject. Currently, she works with the AZ Attorney General's Office as the Fentanyl Coordinator and with federal agencies to extradite fugitives from countries abroad.


Adena is on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Jewish Historical Society and is thrilled with the development of the Holocaust Education Center expected to open in 2026. She is also a founding member of 3GAZ, a third generation Holocaust descendants group. Adena taught Sunday School at her temple for eight years, and in her last two years she co-taught "Character Development Through the Studies of the Holocaust." Adena contributes articles to MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) Magazine, often writing about children's safety, drugs, law and order, etc. Adena has also chaired events to raise money for the Emily Center of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Adena was recognized for her professional and philanthropic work with an Amazing Woman Award from the Phoenix Suns and National Bank of Arizona. Adena’s greatest role, however, is as the mother of three exemplary young adults.

Adena will make every effort to appear either in-person or virtually to speak to students or members of an organization, congregation, or club about her book. Adena can also share photos and information about her visit to her grandmother's hometown, now located in western Ukraine (2021). Adena does not accept a speaker's fee for her time.


Adena with her grandmother, Mania Lichtenstein.

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